Best Career Options for Science Students other than Engineering !

Students these days are very pro-active about planning their career. Ever since they choose a specific stream in their high school, they dedicate themselves towards achieving good marks and pursing their desire career. They are now considering career options that are unconventional. After the completion of school, students have a vast vista of career options to explore. There are a wide range of career options in science apart

Best Career Options for Science Students other than Engineering  -

Best Career Options for Science Students other than Engineering –

from engineering that the students can consider. Discussed below are some of the best career options for science students other than engineering with an approximate idea of requirement, average salary, required job profile, etc.:


  • Career in Animation: If you are creative and love spending time on computers drawing images or paintings, you can consider pursuing a career in Animation. It is one of the most lucrative career option these days. It is young and fast developing. Animation forms an integral part of media, advertisements and movies. Bachelor’s degree, certification and diploma courses are available. The top animation colleges include Arena Animation, MAAC, Frameboxx, Toonskool Animation, Raffles Millennium International, etc. The basic requirements include that the candidate must be artistic and creative with excellent drawing and IT skills. The average salary may vary from INR 30,000 to 50,000 per annum.


  • Career in Architecture: Students who have completed their class 12th education in science stream with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics are main subjects can consider a career in Architecture. Architecture involves creating the designs of buildings, structures and other properties. There are numerous job prospects in this field. Both government as well as private sectors employ architects. With rise of skyscrapers in every city, architects are definitely thriving. There are so many colleges that offer a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture which is a 5 year long course.The basic requirements for the job of an architect include strong and excellent visuo-spatial skills, brilliant drawing skills, creativity, imagination and a flare for inventing. Good organizational and mathematical skills are absolutely essential. The average starting salary may range from INR 20,000 to 30,000 per month, but it could be in lacks if you are excellent in this field and take private assignments as consultant.



  • Career in Merchant Navy:  One of the most professionally thriving and growing career option is that of joining Merchant Navy. Merchant Navy is basically a non-combat commercial fleet that transports goods and, at times, passengers. It forms the essential part of international trade. There are various ranks in the Merchant Navy, such as the Captain, the Chief Office, the Second Officer, etc. Students who have studied Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry as main subjects can join Merchant Navy as Deck Cadets. The most basic skills required for this job are tough physical form, strong inner self, excellent adjustability of attitude and adaptive skills. You should be intuitive, intelligent, flexible and patient. Make sure that you do not suffer from sea sickness. The average salary of a Deck Cadet in Merchant Navy is around INR 2 to 3 Lacs per annum.


  • Career as a Commercial Pilot:  Another very popular career that is booming is that of a commercial Pilot. Though the task is quite challenging, it is equally rewarding. Students who have just cleared 12th with Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics with an aim of becoming a commercial pilot are excited at the thought of handling the complex machinery and, obviously, flying. It is indeed quite an adventureous career. Best courses in this field are available from institutes approved by Directorate General of Civil Aviation.The basic requirements of the job include complete physical fitness, excellent concentration, brilliant navigation skills and planning and management skills. The average salary of a commercial pilot may differ according to the airline they are working with. The average salary of a commercial pilot of a low cost airline is around INR 35 to 60 Lacs per annum.


  • Career in Actuarial Science: One of the possible career option where the demand is always more than supply and there is a wide range of opportunities for employment is Actuarial Science. The basic work of a person in this field is to employ their mathematic and statistical skills in order to determine the financial impact by assessing risk in finance and insurance industries. The basic requirements of the job require brilliant mathematic and statistical skills, excellent analyzing abilities and problem solving skills, knowledge of finance and business and strong computing skills. The average salary of an actuarial scientist is about INR2 to 6 Lacs per annum.