Career as a Naval Architect in India

There are many career options that a personal can consider when it comes to a successful career planning. One of these is Naval Architect. The job gives a professional quality exposure and a handsome pay package. If you are one of those who wish to become a Naval Architect and require some essential information regarding the same, here is some help. Discussed below are some important things about career as a naval architect in India.

Career in Civil Services (IAS/PCS): The Best Govt. Jobs

A big segment of the talented youth in the country have started to consider working for the nation as a respectful step. Trend reveals a number of them being attracted to a career in civil services, such as IAS and PCS. A career in Civil Services promises quality exposure, great experience, huge success and a …

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Career as a Travel Counselor in India

Career as a Travel Counselor in India -

In the past decade or so, a number of new lucrative and successful careers have emerged that have been gaining the attention of the young, talented individuals across the country. One such career is that of a Travel Counselor. It is one of the most thriving career options to consider because of the growing travel …

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Career as an Editor in India : Everything Explained

A lot of careers have now emerged as serious contenders for a brighter future apart from those in medicine and engineering. One such career is that of an Editor. It is regarded as one of the most successful and popular career option. The job of an Editor requires the personnel to have great written communication …

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Career as a Sports Person in India: How good is that?

Career as a Sports Person in India How good is that -

Sports have started to be considered as a serious career option in India. Cricket is one such sport that is immensely popular but apart from it, other sports too are now regarded as a career option available for aspiring sports person in the country. Sports is a widely appreciated and respected as a career. If …

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Career in Hotel Management in India: Everything Explained

 Hotel Management is one of the fastest growing field and a booming career option for those interested in it. Thanks to the rapidly increasing hospitality and tourism industry, the number of hotels are rising and so is the demand for efficient Hotel Management staff. Career profile in hotel management broadly includes anticipating and addressing the …

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Career as a Translator / Interpreter : Everything Explained!

Career Profile: The career profile of a translator includes some typical responsibilities. For instance, they have to rewrite the original texts and materials from one language to the target language. A translator is also expected to research subject matter with the help of specialist dictionaries, reference books as well as internet so as to be …

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Highest Paying Jobs in Biotechnology!

Highest Paying Jobs in Biotechnology -

One of the fast evolving and rapidly developing field of science is Biotechnology. It is the branch of science that forms an amalgam between Biology and modern, cutting edge technology. This is one of the most thriving industries today that is working in close association with many other industries such as Environment, Food, Medicine, etc. …

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Highest Paying BPO companies in India

Highest Paying BPO companies in India -

BPO or Business Process Outsourcing is the sector of that deals with outsourcing facilities and services. BPO sector has been attracting many individuals as most of the jobs here require very basic educational qualification and experience is also not necessary. However, one needs to have good communication skills, interpersonal skills and computer skills. Further skills …

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Career as a Journalist : Everything explained!

Career profile of Journalist: The information that people receive through television, radio, printing and online is collected and put together in an informative form by Journalists. Journalists collect, write report and produce different kind information and present it via different media. They do all their work according to that particular subject, i.e. they collect all …

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